Whitter / Witter

Welcome to the Whitter One-Name Study. This site is about the history & origins of the surname in Great Britain & Ireland.


The Whitter One-Name study started in 2019. Like many one-name studies, it grew out of an attempt to trace my own ancestry. I’m currently living in Germany and I wanted to know more about my (paternal) english heritage.

This study actually started, before I even knew what a one-name study was. I was seeking for the origin of my 8th great grandfather Thomas Witter without any success and then began to collect everything I could find about the Whitter family in Lancashire.
From there onwards developed the desire to research the surname completly and to collect as much information as possible.

The focus of this study is on England and in particular on the counties of Cheshire and Lancashire. However, in the future I will also try to research the history of the Whitters in other regions as well (especially in Cornwall and Devon).

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