Whitter / Witter

Welcome to the Whitter One-Name Study. This site is about the history & origins of the surname in Great Britain & Ireland.

DNA Project

Since there is currently no project on FamilyTreeDNA, you can now inform me about your DNA results in advance. My Haplogroup, according to LivingDNA, is R-L46 (belongs to the R-U106 group).

Participating is an opportunity to uncover information, which is not provided in the paper records. As the project progresses, the results will provide information about the evolution of the surname which will complement the paper records.

If you have not yet been tested, you can either do this on FamilyTreeDNA or LivingDNA (It is important that you do a Y-DNA test, and not just an autosomal test). You must be male to take a test, and you should have one of the surnames of this study (or you are descended on your direct paternal line from someone called Whitter, like me.)

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