Whitter / Witter

Welcome to the Whitter One-Name Study. This site is about the history & origins of the surname in Great Britain & Ireland.

Cheshire Wills before 1700


Year Name Abode Occupation
1528 Thomas Witter Tarporley
1558 Richard Witter Tarvin
1592 William Witter Netherton Yeoman
1602 Richard Witter Frodsham Yeoman
1607 Hugh Witter Manley
1608 Ralph Witter Frodsham Yeoman
1609 John Witter Frodsham Yeoman
1609 John Witter Frodsham Yeoman
1609 Richard Witter Northenden
1611 George Witter Tarporley Gentleman
1612 Robert Witter Tarporley
1616 John Witter Tarporley Gentleman
1618 Dorothy Witter Frodsham Widow
1618 Hugh Witter Manley
1618 Thomas Witter Frodsham
1632 John Witter Frodsham
1641 Adam Witter Manley Yeoman
1646 William Witter Frodsham Yeoman
1649 John Witter Netherton
1650 John Witter Tiverton Yeoman
1666 Elizabeth Witter Plumley Spinster
1667 Ellen Witter Middlewich Widow
1667 Elizabeth Witter Tarporley
1670 Catherine Witter Plumley Widow
1670 John Witter Tarporley Yeoman
1672 Robert Witter Nether Tabley Husbandmen
1677 Joseph Witter Frodsham
1678 Joseph Witter Frodsham
1679 John Witter Chester
1681 Thomas Witter Little Stanney Husbandmen
1683 William Witter Lostock Gralam Yeoman
1686 John Witter Plumley Apothecary
1692 John Witter Netherton Yeoman
1698 John the Elder Plumley Yeoman
1698 John the Younger Plumley Yeoman
1699 Mary Witter Frodsham Widow
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