Whitter / Witter

Welcome to the Whitter One-Name Study. This site is about the history & origins of the surname in Great Britain & Ireland.

1851 Census, England

At the time of the 1851 Census the surname (and its variants) was most commonly found in Lancashire (211), Cheshire (100) and in Devon (36). During the period from 1841 to 1851, the number of carriers of the surname decreased in Cornwall.

Distribution across England, according to the 1851 Census:

1851 CensusWhitterWitterOther* OverallPercentage
England19121164 466100,00
Lancashire7111525 21145,27
Cheshire19730 10021,46
Cornwall5031 367,73
Devon26100 367,73
Dorset1006 163,43
Middlesex2771 357,51
Yorkshire610 71,50

* for example Whitta, Whitters, Wither, etc.

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